Why is App Marketing as important as its Good Development?

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Why is App Marketing as important as its Good Development?


Let us start with a simple task.

Take out your mobile phone and count the number of third-party Apps that are available on your phone. It has been proved in a study that mobile users are using nine Apps per day on an average.

Does it sound like a lot?

Development of a good App is hard work but turning a potential user into daily active user is smart work. A battle has been raging between Mobile Apps and Responsive websites. Mobile Apps are winning hands down.

If you want to be the part of the winning league, not only do you need to develop a good App but market it well.

Competition in your success path

3.5 million Apps in Play store and 1 million Apps in App store – does it not sound too competitive. We have seen revolutionary Apps losing in the game because they ignored the marketing optimization.

Marketing- is the magical word that can help you App make a mark and retain the users.

How can you market your App well?



It is always about walking a fine line as you do not want to sound pushy and may negatively impact your brand images. Your marketing has to be subtle and well-strategized:


1) Segment your market:

An idea of an App always crops up on the needs basis. So you already have identified the target audience and their needs. Your application has been developed for them. While marketing makes sure the app reaches the target audience.

Segmented marketing is an age-old technique that brings in good engagement to date.


2) App Store Optimization

It is the SEO counterpart for Mobile Applications to rank high in the Play store or App store search. It is must to use high traffic keywords in the App description to rank high when the user is looking for an App.

Placing your Application in a wrong category could prove to be near fatal and adding wrong or less appealing description is worse. So, make sure you pick up the right category always. If you need professionals, our ASO experts can help.


3) Use social media

Pick up your friends or family member’s mobile phone- Facebook, Twitter or Instagram one of them must be there. Social media is the best way to market your App. The adverts help you select the target audience as per demographics, age, cultural preferences and more segments.

Embed your App download link in the Ad and your App may end up being the most popular won.


Retention Alert!!

Marketing your App does not stop at the time of download. To keep your users active and engaged with the Application so that they do not uninstall the App, you need to ride different marketing channels now.


1) Push Notification

Indulge in the marketing via the Push notifications when the user is not active in App. They are like simple pop-ups that bring in engagement throughout the day.


2) In-App messages

A user may not always check all aspects of your App. In-App messages are pop-ups when the user is using the App, they remind the user to check out the new feature or suggest a new product or a new discount.

Did you think your job was done with a robust App development? You can at no cost ignore the marketing of your App to make the project a successful venture.


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