At Vrinda, we use various CMS systems that include most open source software like Codeig-
niter, Joomla, Word Press and others. We also use our customized CMS so that customers can
use certain features of a typical Content Management System. Keeping in mind about the
need for searchable content, our CMS designs are always SEO-compliant.

On an average a website has an attention span of not more than 4 seconds. It’s a challenge
to engage your potential clients in this short while. The solution to this is an eye-catching web
interface. We make sure that you enjoy due interest from your target market.


Some of Our Interesting Work


Living Sanskrit

Living Sanskrit is a space where you can learn traditional sacred practices and wisdom from the Indic yoga tradition. These traditions have been beautifully cultivated and passed on for thousands of years, and you might already be familiar with them! For example, have you ever tried the yogic practice of āsana (usually called “yoga”), or dhyāna, meditation?

Open Circle Center

The Open Circle is part of a new spiritual paradigm grounded in experiential awareness, rather than belief systems. We’re a non-sectarian community dedicated to supporting the practices of mindful and open hearted awareness, drawing inspiration from a variety of traditions & fields of study, which point to direct experience as a source of wisdom and love.



It’s a shimmering, award-winning example of how to build an online learning process end-to-end, from curriculum development, to marketing, to registration and payment, to content delivery, to student support.