Ways Mobile App can elevate your business

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Ways Mobile App can elevate your business | Mobile app development | Vrinda Techapps

Ways Mobile App can elevate your business


The technological review published by popular tech analyst Mary Meeker in 2008 clearly predicted that within a short time of 6 years mobile development applications would take over fixed Internet access. Even though this prediction was made with boldness, it was still doubted by some professional. Today this very prediction has been validated. More and more Internet browsing takes place in mobile phones through a mobile application. Research already shows that only about 48.7% of Internet browsing comes from desktop.


Ways Mobile App can elevate your business | mobile app development

Mobile app development for a business has been made necessary. Most people will expect top companies like Google, Facebook and others to have a business application because of the size, but over the years the value of mobile application for all sizes of business has been spelt out clearly. If you are still wondering why your company needs a business application, then you need to be told that 90% of people using the Internet will prefer to use their mobile device. However, here are the ways a mobile app can elevate your business;


Improves brand and elevate loyalty

The very moment you turn on your mobile phone, some of the things you get to see our mobile applications. Excellent app developers like Vrinda totally understand the human psyche, which is clearly what you see over and over will register in your mind. This simply means once your business mobile application is on a mobile phone, they will always see it and will always remember it. Once your icon is registered in the mind, they will always call you first.


Free publicity and personalized marketing

One of the beautiful things about a mobile application that app developers have found and been able to inculcate is the ability to use an application to do personalized publicity. For instance, if you have a notification you will like to send out to your customers you can push the notification button to send out a general message about a new service system, freebies or promotion. You can also make it a personal message to some client of yours.


Customer engagement

It was reported by furry in 2015 that many people spend lesser time watching television and are now spending more time on the mobile application. This actually means that while the television is slowing moving out of play, more people are now deviating into using the mobile application of different things, like banking, research, and every other thing you can think about.


Increase in customers

Mobile app developers working hand in hand with digital marketer can affect an engaging and increasing number of people using your business mobile app.


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