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By 2022, online video will account for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Vrinda. People watch about 16 hours of online videos per week.

And 85% of businesses make use of videos as a marketing tool.

Most competent marketers today understand that we all need to post videos as part of our marketing efforts.

These important video optimization tips will help you rank on both YouTube and Google search.


Produce Quality Content

It plays an important role in user engagement – and that’s a direct ranking factor on YouTube and Google. So make sure you create your videos with the intention of solving a specific problem for your viewers.

Share a piece of useful knowledge, show them how to do something, or give them your analysis on an event in your industry.

The key is to make your videos both helpful and engaging.


Video Optimization

When we talk about optimizing your video, it’s really about two things – the video itself and the page on YouTube and Google where the video is located.


Length of the video

Longer videos are more comprehensive, so they answer viewers’ questions more thoroughly. This leads to viewers being more satisfied and more likely to like, comment, share, and watch the video for longer.


Quality of the video

The quality of the actual video file is important because 68.2% of videos on the first page of YouTube and Google are in HD. In this case, a higher quality video leads to happier viewers and higher engagement.



 Use keywords in video

Google has implemented machine learning in many different ways. They extract audio from the videos we upload and automatically create a text transcript. And maybe even that they can contextually analyze. But even if this doesn’t have a direct positive impact on rankings, it can still be beneficial because YouTube and Google transcripts can be used as text on the page where a video is embedded.



This can have a powerful impact on your engagement rate by getting your videos in front of more people. You can use the same keywords in your tags, but you should also analyze the tags of other popular videos to see if you might be missing any.


Inbound Links

In order to rank for even slightly competitive terms, we usually still need inbound links from several authoritative websites.

However, it is important that your anchor text matches or is very similar to the video title. And you usually don’t need to worry about over-optimization here, since you’re linking directly to a Google property. Often, a few relevant links from high-quality, authoritative sites is all it takes to make a difference here.


User Activity

The engagement a video receives within search results affects how well it ranks in search results. This is because Google wants to give users what they’re looking for, and higher engagement rates show that users are finding that in your video.

To a certain extent, of course, you can get some level of engagement without any additional work. One approach to this is to use paid social, PPC, and email marketing to drive the right people to your videos who will authentically engage.

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