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About Writers Outlet & The problems it solves

The plethora of e-books available online always kept the writers looking for the base online space where they could easily write and manage the books. The writers were facing issues in bringing in more engagement in the reader market as the user base was scattered. Focused to offer writers a platform where the readers are looking out for the best literary pieces of work, we developed the Writer Outlet. The App saves hours of searching for the reader, just to find a book that is worth their reading time. The problem was kind of same for the writers, they were getting discouraged as no reader comments were available and the writers started losing confidence.

Client and their Feedback

Our Florida based client DeMoss LLC appreciated Vrinda for the excellent implementation of an excellent
App. Our experts not only developed the Mobile App for iOS, Web, and Android but optimized the App store
too. With Writer Outlet, we have brought readers and writers an excellent UI/UX.


Our Experience
with this Project

The project was challenging. It wanted us to provide a unified platform to both readers and writers. Driven by the passion to develop comprehensive solutions, Vrinda team of development experts took the task head on.

Users’ Feedback

The Writer Outlet App has come out with flying colors. The App has a rating of 4.1 stars on Android and has more than 50K download till date. The numbers talk a lot about the success of the App.


Solutions’ Capabilities

Writers Outlet offered the enormously growing platform to readers and writers where they can manage the complex things in a simplified manner. Maintaining the precision was another problem as one record may be updated in one file, while left untamed in another. Due to that, chances of errors could not be suppressed.

Every genre has been made available on Writer Outlet. The app offers free file storage and sharing that was being heavily charged by other websites or Mobile Apps. With Writer’s Outlet being free, emerging writers can make their work accessible to readers across the globe. The App is open to fiction, blogs, articles, songs, notes, lists, lyrics, non-fiction, stories, journals, scripts, poetry, recipes, letters, creative write-ups and more.

A bonus point of the App is that readers have access to world-class books at Zero cost. Every book is free. The open community on Writing Outlet is active and booming with literature enthusiast.

What do you thinking about taking inputs from other writers? Writer Outlet lets you interact with other writers and chisel your skills with the feedback.

Technical Specifications of Writers Outlet

We built a digital typewriter that has altered the whole mechanism of traditional book writing and reading experience.

Swift 3.0 | Xcode 8.3.3 | Firebase (FCM) | Pushers | Google Analytics | AdMobs | Volly | Roboelectric | Espresso

Swift 3.0

Developed in Swift 3.0 an open source programming language, it was the best option to build the Writer Outlet in the shortest time. The code was minimalistic while the features were never compromised. Using Swift made the App less prone to any crashes and safe. Writer Outlet App is very fast App powered by strong computational power. We made a perfect choice for the App that will have loads of on server data and traffic.

Firebase (FCM)

Firebase (FCM) is a version of Google Cloud Messaging API with new features. Using the Cloud messaging API we were able to notify the writers about any comments on the books and read about a new upload. With FCM have made the App capable of real-time database sanitization, all the intensive tasks are executed in the cloud instead of the App, this maintains its high-performance.

Google Analytics in App

Integration of analytics in App was done purely to help writers drive ROI. It helps writers by offering accurate data on how is the engagement proceeding. Churning this data gives them insight on to what is being liked by readers and what can cause more retention. Tracking minute aspects are easy with the analytics in App.

Volley Architecture

Volley facilitates the Write Outlet’s information sharing and receiving from the backend. It makes it fast and secure. It is a critical requirement and we capitalized the power of Volley to keep the App always in a high-performance zone.

Roboelectric Test framework

The Write Outlet bugs if any were cherry-picked while testing it on extensive Roboelectric Framework. The App was well fleshed with the good test beds by Roboelectric.


Astounding features of Writer Outlet


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