For brand development, paid marketing is considered one of the strongest and most important pillars of marketing. Regardless of what people search for, how often they visit social networks, or how frequently they play online, paid marketing campaigns result in optimal exposure for your brand across all devices and networks.

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A good paid search strategy maximizes your visibility in search engines and provides an excellent return on investment. It is the fastest and most convenient way to get an answer.


Social Media Advertising

Social media provides another channel for your messages. The opportunities to advertise are as vast as the Internet itself. Whether you sponsor videos on YouTube or Snapchat, or pay for placement on Twitter through Vine, you can creatively reach your audience wherever they are. Sorting through the major vendors can be confusing at times, but we have qualified experts who can fix that for you.

Call Tracking


Call Tracking

Measure web views, customer response, and cost per lead. In addition to tracking lead sources, you can record every phone call submitted to the company for review. This gives you accurate insights into customers, how employees are handling new leads, and identifies opportunities to improve customer service.


Call Mining

Along with call tracking, call mining is an advanced feature that allows customers to select keyword phrases for mentions within the call. With the recording feature enabled, they can measure and evaluate call results, analyze response trends, and modify the website accordingly.

Google Ads


Google Adwords

Google’s own advertising system, the Google AdWords feature, is an excellent tool. Advertisers can bid on selected keywords to ensure their clickable ads or promos appear in Google’s search results. Since these are paid ads for which advertisers have to pay some money, Google only earns from the search.


Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most used social network with over 1.8 billion monthly users. In the United States, 1 in 5 minutes spent on mobile is on Facebook. Targeted ads in Facebook are a great way to place your ads. You can run ads that are targeted to users’ likes and preferences and based on their browsing habits to generate sales.

Linkedin Ads


LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is more of a professional network where you can post self-service ads on prominent pages of the site. People can click on an ad and visit the site. You can select the target audience by industry, job title, function, age, gender, geography, company name, LinkedIn group or company size.


Youtube Advertising

Videos have grown in popularity over the years, and YouTube is the largest and most trusted network for videos on the Internet. Advertising your business/brand through YouTube can be potentially profitable compared to television advertising. YouTube’s TrueView feature has a video advertising format that ensures you can stop an operation after some time, usually after 5 seconds.


E-commerce Shopping Ads

If you are in e-commerce with your brand, your products need to appear at the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP). To get there, however, flexing your SEO muscles is often not enough. Instead, creating an effective Google Shopping campaign is crucial to staying competitive with the most popular brands on the web.

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Paid marketing is the technique in which a brand targets potential customers based on their interests. Multiple digital channels like websites, social media network and search engine result pages are used. Paid marketing takes the form of sponsored posts, guest blogs as well as display ads. It is the quickest method that can help potential buyers to know about the tour brand. With paid marketing, businesses do not need to wait for customers to find them. Some of the types of paid marketing include Pay per clicks, Social media ads, Banner ads, Ads retargeting and Influencer marketing. At Vrinda TechApps, we offer premium quality paid marketing services that ensures to drive more conversion and ROI.

The short answer to this question is yes. Paid Marketing is definitely important especially if you have been using free marketing platforms and still not getting good results. At Vrinda Techapps, we go the extra mile to offer exclusive paid marketing services to customers. Through our paid marketing services, you can expect to bring in targeted visitors to the website besides building brand awareness, improving leads and increasing sales. Our team uses unique and quick approaches to get potential buyers to learn about your brand and products. With a better understanding of different types of paid ads – we review the paid marketing results on a regular basis. On choosing us at Vrinda Techapps, we ensure great results at highly affordable rates.

Paid marketing services have grown into a crucial component of digital marketing. In order to reach the consumer in the cutthroat digital era, a brand must do everything to rise above its competitors. Therefore, paid marketing is a fantastic way to draw many customers. As the leading service providers of paid marketing, we have created a distinctive approach to handle campaigns in both large as well as small corporations. Since, we recognize the significance of paid advertising, we carefully consider the business goals in order to move forward with the best solution. With client’s unique objective in mind, we work to develop campaigns that are not just effective but optimized and productive as well. All of our practices have been developed to produce amazing results.

Choosing a paid marketing agency like ours at Vrinda Techapps would be an economical move for any business that is looking forward to boosting sales and expanding. This can help in increasing brand exposure, bringing in more customers and increasing income as well. By choosing our expertise, you will collaborate with people who have years of paid marketing experience. Also, you will have access to sophisticated analytics tools and obtain useful information that promotes the growth of the organization.

In addition, companies will have access to multiple services and a skilled group of subject matter experts. With the help of our experts at Vrinda Techapps, your chances of success and growth increase.

Paid marketing is one of the easiest techniques that can boost traffic and bring conversion. It helps businesses in multiple ways as it offers quick gratification. Due to its scalability, it demonstrates how paid advertisements can reach an unlimited number of people or customers. As opposed to organic marketing, paid marketing allows targeting particular audiences that might be interested in the goods and services. To be precise, targeting can be done in multiple specifications including geography, gender, demography and more. This increases the chances of certain individuals turning into clients. In addition, businesses can view analytics that demonstrate how well the campaigns are working.

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