ISO 27001 Process Benefits, cost, and pre-requisites

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ISO 27001 Process Benefits, cost, and pre-requisites


Being an ISO 27001 compliant organization is a painstaking task. Why would we want to go through so much of trouble to maintain a certification status?

Well, you may read what, why and how ISO 27001

ISO 27001 has been witness to bring in tremendous benefits to an organization that complies with the standards. It ensures you are being identified as a best-practice follower of information security protocols.



Benefits of ISO 27001

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1) Build a reputation

Being ISO certified helps you build a good market reputation as a security practice follower. This reputation works for relationship building with the existing clients and helps in retention.

2) Client acquisition

While you are biding with a client, having an ISO 27001 certification is an added advantage to your credits. Clients do prefer an organization that promises them information security.

3) Focused work protocols

With ISMS in place, your organization workflow is streamlined and leads to higher productivity.

4) Stay Penalty Proof

Hackers leave no stone unturned to steal information from the various channel. In the worst case of your information system is attacked, but you are ISO 27001 certified, the regulatory bodies do not put costly penalties on you.


Cost of being ISO 27001 certified

A sound information security system placement would cost you as per few elements.

1) No of active employees in the organization.

2) A minimum number of audit days required.

i. If you are a small organization, the cost ranges from £2850 – £7,600.
Company Size: 1 to 125 people

Audit time: 3-8 days

ii. If you are a Medium size organization the cost ranges from £8,550 – £10,450.
Company Size: 126 to 625 people

Audit time: 8 – 11 days

iii. If you are a big size organization, the cost ranges from £11,400 – £14,250.
Company Size: 626 to 2025 people

Audit time: 11 – 15 days

Pre-requisites of ISO 27001 certification


ISO 27001 certification has a set of prerequisites and organization must follow. They vary as per the business domain but a few generic standards are:

Asset Management

Assets of an organization may be physical assets like computers, laptops, data centers as well as the employees, the information they hold about the client and his projects. These need to be well managed to prevent any future data leaks or data attacks. All the hardware assets must be an antivirus and antimalware protected and the employees must have the role-based access to any data.

Communications and Operations Management

The communication channels are usually over intranet in any big organization. These channels must be secured and regular audit cycle must be in place. The data operation handling must be all secure like no USB or CD’s allowed on official systems.

Access control

Each project must have a dedicated area and the access must be controlled to the area and the machines in that area.

Information Security Management

Your organization must have a security management set up that ensures if there is an incident happening, you must have a protocol in place to handle and fix it.

ISO 27001 Certification is an international standard of certification that keeps you and your organization sensitized on the information security aspect which is quite vulnerable to security breaches. With the methodology of entire implementation of you ISMS, you can control any abnormal access or data leak issues. You need to define your standards and comply with them for your own good in long run.


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