Improve your social media result with these tools

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Improve your Social Media Result with these Tools | Social Media Tools

Improve Your Social Media Result With This Tools


The business-marketing world has experienced an extra ordinary revolution caused by social media. When we talk about marketing, we are essentially talking about communication. Just like television-transformed advertising in the 20th century, so also social media marketing has transformed businesses in the 21st century.



Unlike radio and television, social media advertising apply distinct approach on different platforms and it also involves a strategic approach. However, thorough planning is required to create a strategy and then also to know the right tool to apply. Here are the social media tools you need to improve your result;



Most people use this tool for making schedules on some social media platforms like Facebook Update. But now, the tool has be improved to accommodate more widespread feature. The present update is more engaging and enables social media marketers to apply this tool on other platforms like Twitter and Pinterest. Postplanner help social media advertisers identify the most performing contenting for every hashtag that has been used, viral content ranking, help to come up with more engaging updates to draw traffic.



Many social media marketers claim that this tool is the best because of the easy navigation and straight forwardness of the dashboard. This tool has flexibility which helps you to update on any social media platform and even schedule the post to publish for the next few hours unlike Postplanner, It can be very helpful in monitoring all the share of your content on social media and also all the mentions, it also gives you ideas on keywords to use on social media, in terms of reporting Agorapulse help social media advertisers get details on brand awareness and client engagement.



This tool is regarded as one of the most criticized tool but yet often found with social media marketers. The strength of Hootsuite can not be denied anyway. One of the beautiful things about this tool is the ease in which monitoring can be set up to monitor, keywords, contents and hashtags. When it comes to scheduling a post, it is done pretty easy with auto-scheduling feature and one of the most appreciated feature of this tool is that it can be used to create contest easily on instagram and twitter galleries.



Social media marketer simply love this tool because it has a lovely and easy to use interface and can connect to all major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Google+ and Instagram.


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