How to personalize e-mails so that people Read and Revert?10 min read

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How to personalize e-mails so that people Read and Revert?


Email marketing dates back to the year 1978. It has become just like an old wine spanning the years of digital marketing evolution and today it tastes even better.

It took a new revenue generation trajectory with the “the Personalization” of emails. We still see only a few personalized emails in our inbox. Do you know why? Not because digital marketers do not realize the potential but because they fear to fail.

Digital marketers are yet to get an answer to “How to personalize e-mails that are read”.

This article is a secret potion of e-mail personalization!!



1) Email Timing

Human behavior is set to a routine. It has been proved in multiple studies that most of the emails get clicked and opened at around 10 am in the morning. If we talk about the days, Tuesday till Thursday are the best day to run an email campaign that is personalized with the timelines when the user is expected to be active on his email account. Test how it works for you and your business. You may eaven need to segment your email marketing groups based on the target audience geographical location, work schedules and more.


2) Email Templates

Mobile-friendly, beautiful, elegant and unique e-mail templates are magical. Use the responsive templates and see the magical increase in response rate.


3) Behaviour Tracking

Have you ever seen an email in your inbox that shouts out to you with a subject line “How have you been?” The website who emailed you is actually wondering why you have not interacted with them for a long time. Basically, you need to drop a rope to your clients to pull them back to your website that they visited quite often. So how do you do that? It’s simply asking them and letting them know they are being missed and pitch in some deals they missed.


4) Address with name

Mobile-friendly, beautiful, elegant and unique e-mail templates are magical. Use the responsive templates and see the magical increase in response rate.


5) Be Little funny

Being funny in the subject lines will make sure the email gets clicked and makes a mark in the memory of the recipient. A classic example of the funny subject line is by Refinery29 that says “I got Botox & THIS is what it looked like”.

It creates a funny curiosity in the minds of the target audience. I would bet my pet frog on it that you would wish to find out this email right now!!

That is the impact of a Funny yet powerful subject line. Be careful you are walking a fine line here.


6) Offer the reason

Try using the subject line Scenario 1 “Offering Discount”

Now try Scenario 2 “Click here because we are offering discount”.

The Scenario 2 reasons out why someone should open the email. People are extremely busy today the target audience finds it tough to take out time to open the marketing email. It will work in your favor if you provide a substantial reason beforehand. Personalization works and the stats back this statement. You have immense data available at your fingertips today. Tap in the potential of this data to be a successful email-marketer and just personalize, personalize and personalize!


7. Put in the right category

What is the use of putting a game app in the “Knowledge” categories? An app which is placed in the right categories is likely to get more hits as compared with the one which is placed in wrong categories.


8. Insert real photos and screenshots

By giving the real images of the app, you will provide a thorough insight of the real-time app which helps the user to judge and pick. Try to capture the most pivotal features of your app and portray them in an attractive manner.


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