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The real secret to e-commerce success is to consistently get qualified visitors to your online store.

And one of the most cost-effective ways to reach users in e-commerce SEO.

E-commerce SEO is an integrated digital marketing strategy to grow your business and get the highest ROI.


1. E-commerce keyword research

Keyword research is the cornerstone of any SEO process, and e-commerce SEO is no exception. You need to find out what search terms or keywords your potential customers are typing into Google when they are looking to make a purchase. You will then use these keywords to build the rest of your e-commerce SEO strategy. Identify target keywords that have decent search volume, low to medium competition, and that can generate traffic and sales. These are the keywords you need to incorporate into your category and product pages and optimize your entire e-commerce.


2. Optimize your site architecture

Site architecture represents how your e-commerce site is built and organized into categories and pages. Your site structure is of utmost importance to both your visitors and search engines. A good site structure helps search engines crawl to your e-commerce site. Google bot and other crawlers can easily find every page on your site. If pages are buried deep in your site or are not properly linked together, search engines may not consider them worthy of indexing. Or worse, they may not find them at all. A solid e-commerce structure can also help your site appear in search results with site links.

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3 . E-commerce On-Page SEO

Target keywords are the most important part of a successful SEO strategy. And now is the time to put this key ingredient on your product and category pages. That’s what On-Page SEO is all about. Your product pages get the most traffic and contribute directly to your e-commerce sales. You can optimize your title tags and meta descriptions. Also, create long, keyword-rich content for your product pages and use short, user-friendly URLs.


4 . Technical SEO in e-commerce

Technical SEO is about providing a great user experience, fast performance, and making sure Google can crawl and index your site. All websites benefit from technical SEO, especially true for e-commerce. That’s because e-commerce websites don’t get as many backlinks, so technical SEO often serves as a tiebreaker. Also, e-commerce websites have a large number of pages, which increases the chance of technical issues.


5. E-commerce content marketing

Your e-commerce product and category pages can only generate so much organic traffic. But the fact is, most people use Google to get answers, find new information, solve a problem, etc. Without content marketing, you’re leaving a large portion of potential traffic and customers on the table.

Quality content can also increase the authority of your website. And with strategic internal linking, you can increase the authority and ranking of your money pages. Focus on being useful and providing detailed information that really helps your visitors. The better the content, the higher the rankings. 


6.  e-Commerce Link Building

For your e-commerce SEO to be truly successful, you need to get backlinks and increase the authority of your website. Links can increase your authority and drive even more organic traffic your way. Backlinks can also help promote your products and attract direct sales. Look for ways that can help you develop your own link-building strategy.

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A solid e-commerce SEO campaign can bring in hundreds of additional sales. And because it’s a reliable source of traffic and customers, you can grow your business quickly and easily. Follow the steps in this comprehensive e-commerce SEO guide, and you too can dominate Google search results and make more sales.


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