How To Grow Your Brand With Social Media Contests

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How To Grow Your Brand With Social Media Contests | How To Grow Your Brand With Social Media Contests | Digital Vrinda

How To Grow Your Brand With Social Media Contests

How To Grow Your Brand With Social Media Contests | How To Grow Your Brand With Social Media Contests | Digital Vrinda

Coming across the word contest itself arises excitement in people. This word gives birth to the feeling of Victory in human beings. As soon as you read the word contest somewhere down in your heart for ones you want to win it. Contesting in a healthy way is a very positive way to grow your life and business as well.    

Do you want to communicate with or interact with your customers? Do you want to increase your followers and increase traffic on your social media page? All this can be done through the social media contest. 

Running social media contests is an amazing opportunity to promote your brand and product to existing followers and generate new followers. It’s the most effective way to boost your online brand Marketing with a minimum budget. 

Precisely, it’s an amazing way for the brand to build or gain strong, loyal and attractive long-term followers, and generate leads and turn them into sales. To organize a social media contest, you need an effective strategy that can generate leads and engagement. So there are strategies you can adopt to make your social media contest a huge success;


1. Determining the purpose of the contest:

It is necessary to understand the purpose of starting a contest. Whether you want to promote your products and services or want to participate in your social media account. When brands host a contest, their usual goals are superfluous website traffic. It is very important to increase followers. It is very important to set a goal because it becomes very easy to have a solid strategy and effective social media contest ideas to achieve the desired goal.


2. Understanding your audience:

No matter what changes come in the world of social media, but one thing will never change to achieve goals is that you need to know your target audience. Today, the public wants to connect with the brand that offers them something valuable. Therefore, it is important to separate your target audience and maintain everything that is in your interest and needs. So when you’re clear about your target audience, it will be easier to keep them engaged.

3. Choose the type of contests and giveaways;

Don’t choose the wrong type of contest for your followers. Choosing the right type of contest is above all an important step. Choose giveaways that your target audience will love and whether they’ll be motivated to interact with your brand. Rewards can be like a free ticket, coupons, gift cards, etc. So it has a direct impact on your contest and increases your visibility and manage interaction.

4. The right tools to run your contest:


If you want to run your giveaway promotion, you should always use the right tool to run it. Using contest software like Hootsuite or Rafflecopter for your social media contest is probably the best way to manage it.

5. Create your contest rules and custom hashtags: 

Your rules for the contest should be mentioned clearly to everyone who participates in the contest. The hashtag also plays a very important role in the race and makes the contest successful. Creating a unique hashtag that reflects your brand identity and what the contest is will expand the scope of the contest and generate more engagement.

6. Promote your contest:

You can promote your contest through the free activity or stimulate it. This will allow you to promote it to a wide range of audiences through which you will increase engagement and impressions. Brands can take advantage of the contests to attract more and more followers and can generate engagement and traffic to the page. It’s the best way to earn organic likes, shares and impressions.

How Social Media Campaigns Help Your Brand?

More/Growth in/Increase in Followers:

When you organize a contest, you can increase your subscribers by asking participants to follow you on social media. Social media contests help you increase your subscribers’ or followers scores in no time without spending a fortune. 

Generate brand awareness: 

While planning to run a social media contest, you can collaborate with a brand to introduce yourself to the brand audience. This way, people can visit your profile and more people are likely to see it and learn more about your brand. 

Increased sales:


One of the important reasons to run a contest on social media is that sales increase when hosting an offer that sends you back. Ask your followers or subscribers to make a purchase to enter the social media contest. Drive more traffic and sales on your site, as well as describe your presence with attractive competitors. On average, more than 34% of new customers are purchased through social media contests. What are you waiting for?


Social media contests are designed to strengthen the community and raise awareness, increase your brands engagement, reach, followers and potential customers, This will allow you to make sure you’re constantly reviewing your reports and testing new competitive types and platforms.

The Social Media Contest is an amazing way to build a strong, loyal and engaging follower for the long-term foundation, as it can generate clues and turn them into sales. Brands are now taking advantage of social media contests to achieve and engage the next generation and millennia.

In addition to user engagement, social media contests will help you raise awareness of potential customers. Be sure to give a unique experience to get the attention of your followers. That way, you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors. Running social media contests has become a new way to develop your online brand.

By publishing engaging content, brands can easily turn their subscribers into qualifying tracks and sales. Social media contests are an essential part of building your marketing efforts to reach new audiences. “Fact: About 33% of contest participants are open to receiving brand and partner information.”

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