Future of Mobile App Development

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Future of Mobile App Development | Career in Mobile App Development | Vrinda

Future of Mobile App Development


Change is inevitable! Like every day is a new beginning and a chance for new opportunities and developments, so it is with the technology. From reading books ,to depending on the dictionaries and libraries, to browsing on the internet for hours and now simply downloading an application on your smart phone. Technology since evolves isn’t looking back, its growing and blooming with every passing day.

Application development is a process involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices. For instance; smart phones, tablets, I pads, iPhones etc. Applications are very user friendly and time saving.

The number of smartphone users worldwide crossed 5.135 billion according to the reports presented by The Global Digital Report from We Are Social. Therefore, by the year 2020, mobile applications are expected to generate $188.9 billion as global revenue as per the reports by Statista.

The mobile app development has a long run to go and the following points prove that mobile apps are the future globally.


1. User Friendly

Downloading a Mobile Application on your smart phone and using it, is a simple process than browsing on internet. For example, if you want to get informed about a specific news or let’s say the trending news of the day. Then, reading the news on any news application is an easier way than browsing on the internet is. Since you get a lot more related search results on browsing, the mobile application provides you with what you want.


2. Saves Time

The usage of mobile applications along with being user friendly is also very time saving. It is the world of smart phones with the best camera pixels’. Everyone wants great pictures to update on their social media handles to keep their friends and family updated about them. Earlier editing the photographs was a tedious job using software such as Photoshop. Now editing of photographs are done in minutes using mobile applications.


3. Hike in the usage of wearable devices

On account of Apple, the moderateness limitation is out of the condition. Application engineers are and will look create applications for wearable gadgets, for the most part smart watches.

At present, it’s for the most part horology and wellness industry that are looking towards smart watches, however a couple of huge names like Zomato and Uber have put resources into wearable application improvement.

2019 guarantees to bring more wearable – watches, wellness groups, development trackers.


4. Chatbots would be fundamental

According to Statista, the worldwide Chatbots showcase is anticipated to develop to 1250 million U.S. dollars by 2025 – a bounce of in excess of 1000 million U.S. dollars from 2016. One can essentially find that chatbots are great a piece of the computerized reality now.

Chatbots will currently act (in actuality are as of now acting) as menial helpers inside versatile applications. On account of the progression in AI , it is currently a simple employment to incorporate chatbots inside applications without including complicated coding.

A somewhat intriguing info graphic Digital Commerce proposes that the same number of as half of B2B purchasers incline toward self-administration CRM. Chatbots is the better approach to expand that kind of client relationship the board.


5. Increased Reality and Virtual Reality will Influence Mobile Strategies AR/VR slants in portable application advancement

‘Pokémon Go’ may have been an impermanent tempest on the eastern seaboard, however AR and VR are digging in for the long haul. Anticipated to procure over $200 billion in incomes by 2020, engineers are relied upon to make amazing portable application encounters in AR and VR, and with good equipment entering the market, we can hardly wait to kick this gathering off.


6. Versatile Wallets and Payment Gateways

Frictionless installment techniques are what clients request from all the applications they use. There has been a slow however huge change in the manners in which that clients like to shop. We’ve gradually moved from money to credit, charge, to portable wallets, and advanced monetary forms.

Versatile business has, along these lines, effectively, become a favored shopping mode. Along these lines, for organizations, to have the capacity to make an extraordinary application experience, incorporating installment portals just as versatile wallets (like Amazon Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, and so forth) that give secure encryption will wind up staple in 2019.


7.Reference points Technology

The Beacons innovation has been around for quite a while, and 2019 will make its essence more grounded still.

We’re probably going to see it like never before as reference point empowered air terminals, versatile installments signals, and even mechanized individual guides. In this way, the patterns will be to make increasingly helpful applications to deal with reference point’s innovation and make virtual aides and customized data sharing smoother.


8. Prescient Analytics to Influence Mobile UI/UX


Prescient Analytics in portable application advancement

Prescient Analytics in portable application advancement examination to improve the client venture over the UI/UX of their applications, and 2019 is set to observe progresses in this field.


9. AI and Artificial Intelligence

Man-made intelligence and AI have dived their heels further into portable applications that we may have figured it out. Computer based intelligence makes itself show as chatbots. Siri is, indeed, one of the greatest confirmations why AI and man-made brainpower are especially a piece of portable applications and ones that can’t be isolated at this point.

The rising interest for AI and AI as remote helpers and chatbots is what we’re taking a gander at, and that is the thing that 2019 will bring for us.


10. More Businesses will Invest in Cloud Integration

Cloud reconciliation in versatile application improvement

It took years however the world is at long last awakening to the potential outcomes offered by distributed computing and incorporation. Streamlining activities, diminished expenses in facilitating, better stockpiling, and stacking limit, alongside expanded client maintenance, are not many of the numerous points of interest of creating versatile applications over the cloud.


11.Rising Popularity for On-Demand Apps

On-request portable application improvement

What was once being named as an unavoidable rise in the domain of portable application advancement is currently what’s to come. With enterprises grasping the on-request plan of action like an old companion, one can expect UI/UX upgrades, Mcommerce offices, prescient examination, and business bots, to fuel the development of Uber and Zomato-like applications in 2019.


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