Effective using Data Analytics for finding Leads

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Effective using Data Analytics for finding Leads

Effective using Data Analytics for finding Leads


Online presence opens up new channels of lead generation. The data attained from these channels gets overwhelming and most of the enterprises are not able to capitalize it cent-percent.

Strategies developed without understanding the data may work out or not. After making the strategies functional, if there is an enhancement in sales, you think that your strategies are good. But with the recent advancements in data analytics technologies, you can exactly find out how the strategies are working.

Let’s dig deeper into how to make it work for bringing you the business:

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is a process that involves reviewing, purging, converting and demonstrating data with an aim to derive useful information required to fuel business growth. Technologies and techniques used in data analytics helps enterprises make better informed decisions


Effective using Data Analytics for finding Leads

Lead Collection and Verification through Data Analytics

Finding leads is a factor that plays a phenomenal role in generating more business. Knowing the target customers who are showing interest in you products and services is a way of capturing them in a warm zone. In the present-day scenario, there are various sources from where leads come like social media, email marketing, different advertisements and many more. But by proper analysis, you can easily focus on those channels from where you can get excellent quality leads, rather than wasting your marketing money an all sources. This is the place where you need to use data effectively for finding maximum leads.

Thus, all we can say is if you want maximum leads, just go for data.

Let’s now discuss on some of the ways by which we can generate leads by using data analytics:


1. Deep knowledge of customer behavior

With the analyzed data, sales team has access to actual sources that are leading to maximum conversions. It leads to optimized strategizing of resources by the sales team without wasting any. Another important aspect is keeping a track of about your customer’s behavior or how they are navigating through your website for certain products. By collecting data about your customer behavior, you can easily know whether your website is user-friendly or not. Use this data with your audiences for scoring high-quality leads.


2. Identifying the more converting market segments

In addition to knowing about the customers, it is equally important to know about the demographics and geographies that are bringing more traffic. Analyzing this data marketing team can use it for effectively targeting on social media while sales team can use it for planning future campaigns for generation of leads.


3. Track of the lead generating products

When businesses will focus more on the products that are drawing more leads, it will be easy for them to customize their messages by relating to that products or services in each interaction. For collecting such data and analyzing them, it is required for businesses to exclusively track audiences and leads. Then, this data can be used for drawing more traffic. You can keep track of sales, channels which are driving sales, reasons of retraction of customers, complaints arriving and more such tiny points, which may affect the sales.


4. Identify bounce pages

The great thing about data coming about pages is that you can identify the reason of page bounces. If people tend to leave your pages, the webpage data analysis helps you dig into the reason and fix the issues that cause lead drops. The focus of data analytics remains more on landing page and home page for understanding how the leads are engaging with these pages. If you are willing to get the custom analytics tools build and integrated into your existing systems, talk to Vrinda Techapps right away. Our team pulls on the best methods of analysis along with excellent tools for providing you with the right analytics results required for growth of your businesses.


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