Cool Techniques to build a Healthy Work Atmosphere for your Employees

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Cool Techniques to build a Healthy Work Atmosphere for your Employees


Employees are the biggest asset of any company, as they are the only means to offer quality services to the masses. The employees of the IT industry are changing the face of the world but it is taking a toll on their health and well-being with full impact.

Let’s ponder over some tragic facts first:

1. A remarkable 76% of IT professionals face vision-related issues.

2. A good number of 66% employees left their current job if they don’t get right appreciation.

3. Data Science & IT industry is facing the 24.4% annual attrition rate.

The above stats revealed how badly the long and taxing work hours are affecting the health of IT professionals. On top of all, it also affects the productivity of IT industry personnel. It results in increased revenue and diminishing working power of your company. Tensing, right? Though, it could be avoided, just as we do it at Vrinda Techapps.



Here are cool tips for the IT companies which will help them to improve the health of their technocrats:


Communication conquers all

A healthy and open communication with a firm helps employees to have a better and thorough understanding of the need of organization. Once the employees are well-aware of what is required and when it required, they work productively and promptly.


5-minute meditation before hitting to the work

Companies should implement a 5-minute meditation session before hitting the computer for a hectic day. Mediation is the magic healer when it comes to stress and tension. It helps for a better blood circulation and keeps us fresh all day long.


Create an individual-focused environment

We all have different capability. If an organization allow its employees to customize their work style as per their capabilities and productivity then it is beneficial for both. Some of your employees may be requiring a work-from-home option while other would need to extra work hours. Being an organization, you ahead comprehend the need of your employees and should allow them to work as per their needs provided there is no compromising on quality and productivity.


Timely and productive training

We all knew IT industry is highly demanding and keep on evolving by each passing minute. Organizations should arrange training sessions time to time in order to abreast with the on-going changes. There are many technologies which keep on coming and elimination as the time passes. In this situation, if an origination doesn’t train its staff accordingly, changes of its abolishment are high. Plus, if the employees get training from the company side, they also develop a sense of security and job satisfaction.


A word of appreciation is magical

We all want appreciation even for a small achievement. Organizations should pay attention to the achievements of their employees and should award them accordingly. Simple words of appreciation work wonder and keep them motivated. Studies have revealed that the organization which applauds their employees is less likely to face high-attrition.

Once employees feel that their organization realize their worth, they are more content in their workplace. In the end, build a strong bond with your employees. Have a loud laugh with them, spent some light moment and build a good team-bond. It will make them think that they are work for self, instead of working for others.


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