Best App Marketing Practices to rank the highest in Your App Category

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Best App Marketing Practices to rank the highest in Your App Category


Apps are everywhere. Starting from nursery rhymes to have health and sound body, the market is flooded with apps. Around 2.2 million apps are ready to download in Apple app store while Google ends up with 2.8 million apps. With such huge number, it is actually very hard to mark your presence. While there is almost more than 197 billion app downloads happen during 2017, there are some which fail to get even a single download.



So, the burning question here is:


How one can bring its app into notice?

Well, we have an answer to this.

With the help of our ASO experts, you can achieve it all. You can easily get the attention of the end-users and lure them to download your app at first encounter with our great App Store Optimization tips. Give our suggestions a glance:


1. The keywords are the key to success

The apps which have keywords in their name and are of 100 charters are likely to get maximum hit. The depth of this statement can be understood with that fact that a recent study has revealed that top 25 apps have a relevant keyword in their title. They got 10.3% higher hits as compared with their non-keyword-inserted peers. Again, the length of the keyword also matters. It should be within a limit of 100 characters.


2. The power of the Name and Tagline

That goes without saying. Give your app the coolest possible name on earth. Unless the app is associated with a brand, it struggles hard to get noticed. A catchy and interesting tagline has all the power to grasp the end-users’ attention at first sight. It should be of maximum 50 characters. Don’t forget to highlight the core purpose of your app in the title.


3. Excuse yourself to use generic terms

The use of customary and bland terms like “Music” and “picture” will put-off the users instead of attracts them. Again, don’t create a Xerox or edited version of the already existing app name.


4. Give a gripping description to your app

Alongside with the aforementioned tips, make sure to describe your app in most attractive and alluring manner. Your app description should also be crisp and on-target. Again, pay attention to the language. It should be professional yet simple to understand. It should convey the purpose of the app in the most austere way. Don’t write anything which is not understandable to the mass.


5. Create a magnum opus icon

The power of icon is not known to many. An icon is the visual presentation of your app, so it should be appealing and relevant. In term of technicality, it should be around a size of least 1024×1024 pixels. Choose its color palette carefully as the colors should be mingling with each other not overpowering.


6. Put in the right category

What is the use of putting a game app in the “Knowledge” categories? An app which is placed in the right categories is likely to get more hits as compared with the one which is placed in wrong categories.


7. Insert real photos and screenshots

By giving the real images of the app, you will provide a thorough insight of the real-time app which helps the user to judge and pick. Try to capture the most pivotal features of your app and portray them in an attractive manner.


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