8 Great Productivity Apps your Company should deploy!                               

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8 Great Productivity Apps your Company should deploy!


Let’s face it. Teams or individuals, we all crave for productivity. However, with the increasing tasks, dynamically changing priorities, multiple people involved in the process and clients’ input affecting the workflow and task’s original structure, it is quiet visible that teams need more and focused tools to keep them productive and efficient.



Is your company too fast that you can’t manage the things properly, hence managers and employees are messing it all up at the end?
If yes, you surely need to pick the right productivity tools for the individuals and teams to work efficiently on the projects going on. Check out the best productivity and collaboration applications to optimally utilize your human resources:


1. Slack

slack | 8 Great Productivity Apps your Company should deploy!

With more than 9 million active users per week, Slack is definitely the best communication tool for your teams at work. It allows the teams to talk over projects and collaborate with ease. Availability of this product as the web and mobile app makes it mobility-friendly too .

Slack offers a gamification-based environment to the groups, channels, companies, and people, in order to make the work happen in a better way. It keeps the remote personnel to stay connected and updated about everything through the features, like threaded conversations, tagging, direct messaging, searches, notifications, and directory.


2. Hotjar

hotjar | 8 Great Productivity Apps your Company should deploy!

Remind the old times when your employees had to perform the website visitor analysis, conversion analysis, form analysis, customer surveys, testing and many such tasks manually?

Well, Hotjar is the new and fully-automated way of doing it all (without actually doing anything). It means your employees can stay focused on the actual tasks, rather than collecting the insights of how your websites and apps performing.

With it, your designers’ team can utilize the heatmap and analysis data, collected through Hotjar. It’ll to come up with better and more conversion-specific designs without investing too much of their time in the research.

3. HubSpot

hubspot | 8 Great Productivity Apps your Company should deploy!

HubSpot can literally automate your company’s every activity, including the sales, marketing, customer-related and CRM-specific tasks. Use its modules separately or combine them to unleash the most powerful business automation tool, the app has so many features to offer.

Using HubSpot, each of your teams will perform way better than now. It lets:

• Your sales team attend more meeting and stay highly productive.
• Your marketing team keep better track of leads data.
• Your managers handle the project-related scheduling and a lot more.

To add a cherry on the cake, most of its features are absolutely free.

4. Active Inbox

active-inbox | 8 Great Productivity Apps your Company should deploy!

We receive a lot of work emails nowadays. But along with that, we get many are some personal and some useless e-mails our inboxes too. Mingling together, these piling-up emails makes us miss many important project-related emails and other important things. With Active Inbox, it won’t happen anymore.

This tool is available as a Gmail extension, with a 15-days free trial. Converting your Gmail inbox into an intuitive task manager, it can increase your productivity and reduce the forgotten tasks. You can covert the emails into tasks, add deadlines to them, track their impact and do more with Active Inbox. Overall, it keeps you more focused and productive.

5. Noisli

noisli |8 Great Productivity Apps your Company should deploy!

If you are a peace-friendly person and the surrounding’s noise disturbs you from working, Noisli is the best rescuers you could have prayed for. It has a great set of productivity and relaxation tones, which could be mixed as per your choice.

6. Toggl

taggle | 8 Great Productivity Apps your Company should deploy!

Toggl is a flawless solution for time, productivity and performance tracking. It’s available from every device and has free or paid subscription plans for the users/companies. Adding clients, projects, workspaces, teams, tags and creating tracking tasks for them is insanely easy with Toggl.

Alongside, it automatically generates the project reports, person/team wise performance reports and insights to let you understand where your (or team’s) time is being spent.

7. Trello

trello | 8 Great Productivity Apps your Company should deploy!

Trello is a perfect task manager, if you are having remote or large teams. It makes project’s collaboration easy by allowing the users:

• To create boards and calendars.
• Add tasks and comment on them.
• Add deadlines and tags to the tasks.
• Project status tracking

shift | 8 Great Productivity Apps your Company should deploy!

Shift is a task-smoothening tool for the Gmail users with multiple accounts. You can see and use every Google app in a single place through it, while integrating other apps to make the working experience even awesome.

With the standalone application, the users can perform mailing, scheduling, managing and other operations without switching among multiple applications. In short, it’s a perfect shift to make, if you are willing to be more productive.
Out of these, how many tools are you thinking to try, in order to enhance your teams’ productivity?

Bonus Tip: It’s not necessary that all your expectations can be completed by the paid or free tools. Some unique requirements need unique deployments. If you are willing to get a perfect productivity app developed for the internal company usage, let’s connect.


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