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4 Essential Pillars Of UX Strategy With Focus On UI That Every Brand Must Understand

Have you ever browsed the IKEA store online and been amazed at the immaculate display of products under the defined sections? Which attribute do you think evoked cognitive emotion, and you ended up buying a product? Also, have you ever wondered what it is that keeps taking you back to the website – is it the utility, experience, or packaging?

It may come as a surprise, but it is the UX that sums up the experiences that your product offers to existing customers or can be used to garner potential customers. UX design is the User Experience Design, which constitutes the plan of action that has to be undertaken to maximize the utility of the product and invoke a “feel-good” emotion among the target market. In short, UX Design is something that makes your customers addicted to your product and makes them forget about the other options, thus eliminating your competition.

Designing a user experience is not a cakewalk and requires a considerable amount of effort, time, and resources. It is pivotal for any brand in today’s dynamic era to plan out an ingenious strategy for UX Design that amalgamates the business objectives with a positive customer experience. As a result, there is a whopping demand for UI and UX design service experts. If you want to leverage the benefits of UI design too to create meaningful engagements for your brand, then you should be aware of the four important pillars of UX Design Strategy.

4 Important Pillars Of UX Design Strategy

Pillar 1: Extensive Research

Before foraying; into UX Designing, it is imperative to conduct thorough market research that covers your end-users. It is about understanding their desires, expectations, affinities, problems, pain points, etc.

Your market research should be qualitative and quantitative, which should help in deriving different conclusions through various techniques of research. You can employ methods like direct-user interviews, group interviews, surveys, and mental models, which will help you validate or discard any prior UX design idea as per the prerogative of the customers.

Brands often ignore this step and are reluctant towards conducting prior research as it demands time and resources, but the failure to do so costs them in the long run. They cannot determine the true picture of the needs of their customers, which acts as an impetus in designing UI and UX. They choose to rely on intuitions rather than taking a practical approach, which is no less than a gamble. So, invest your resources wisely in researching as it can make or break your whole UX design idea.

Pillar 2: Awareness Of Your Target Audience

As the owner of the brand, you got to wear several hats. Wondering how the complete knowledge of the target audience will heavily influence your UX Design? Let me tell you that the knowledge of the customers acts as a foundation for building top-notch UX Design. For instance, if your product is targeting children in the age group 8-15 years, then you gotta keep your websites or applications interactive and free from any adult content.

You have to ensure that the choice of colours and designs well marries the cognitive abilities of the toddler. Similarly, if your target audience is elderly with health-related concerns, your UI and UX design should not be very experimental but subtle and easy to navigate. Better Understand the psychology of your target audience and amalgamate in your business operations through appropriate UX Designs.

Pillar 3: Know Business Strategies

Your knowledge of business operations, policies, business silos, and stakeholders can directly influence your UX Design. It also means that you must understand your competitors and be ready to walk that extra mile to serve your customers better. 

The more elaborate knowledge you have of your business, the better the execution and implementation of UI Designs. It helps to bring innovation in the process and fills up the lacuna of poor customer retention. A good UX UI design company will focus on UI and encourages interactive behaviour from the customers’ end, which can prove to be crucial for your business.

Pillar 4: Value Innovation

Value innovation involves all those practices that you undertake, which were never considered before and upgraded the user experience with a completely different perspective. It is an elaborative concept and covers an in-depth study of all those practices that might turn beneficial for your business. 

The concept of value innovation goes far beyond UX design than just mapping touch-points and turning them into a positive experience. Gone are the days of providing the utility of the product to the customers directly; today, it is all about designing impeccable experiences through innovation.


To rule the roost in your industry and serve your customers better than the competitors, you have to take the road less travelled. You have to invest in designing UX and UI that speaks of your product and business and tells the customers why they need them in their life. Focus on the four essential pillars of UX Design and you will see how impactful it can be for your brand in this dynamic business era.

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