20 Reasons why your Business Desperately needs a Mobile App

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20 Reasons why your Business Desperately needs a Mobile App


Changes in the business trends are perpetual. In the recent years, online presence has become unavoidable for businesses, even if they focus on offline sales. Subsequently, now it’s the time, where mobile-oriented online presence is the need of the day.

Talking about mobile-oriented online presence, the most-heard buzzword is Mobile Apps obviously. Amidst the cry for mobile-friendly responsive websites and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), the mobile apps have stayed long enough to prove their indispensability.


mobile app devolopment

Even a successful business, with strong online presence, is incomplete without a mobile app.

There are so many reasons which you may face if not having a good mobile app in place. We are going to tell you 20 out of those. Maybe it can inspire you to take mobile development services, who knows!


1. Your Customers Have Gone Mobile

Smartphones are omnipresent and look like they are not going anywhere soon. Studies say that an average person spends at least two hours per day on his or her smartphone. Although few apps make for the device’s usage, it won’t harm anybody to have your potential customers’ attention through your business app, while they are scrolling down their App store.

Another survey showed that 42% of small businesses have already built a mobile app for increasing sales and maximize customer service. So don’t let your business die before it reaches its full potential. Investing in building a business app is a must for reaching your desired customer base.


2. Helps to Stay on Top of Tech Trends

Since 2014, Amazon, Apple,and Facebook started gaining popularity as successful mobile apps. Also, Mobile technology apart from mobile apps led to the creation of Google Glass and smartwatches. Mobile apps let you embrace the change and possibilities it brings. One can also use these apps for their futuristic benefits, as they prepare for IoT and AI – enabled devices.

They directly/indirectly help for future advancements and technologies that will emerge in the near future.

3. Imparts Valuable Customer Insights

A smartphone, being a personal device has an important feature that enables businesses to receive and collect user data seamlessly. Deep insights and analytics allow businesses to have a peek at the users’ buying behavior and target their products appropriately. These valuable insights can lead to the right kind of investments and enhanced ROI.

Many startups and small businesses do not invest in building a native app since custom app development is not budget friendly. Businesses, especially startups and small businesses can’t afford that. Fortunately, there are app makers out there, who can craftinstant iOS and Android apps. They have simplified app development for dummies. So grab one while you still can!

4. Enhances Your Brand Image

A mobile app is THE platform for Brand awareness. Gone are the day of chasing your customers and telling them how good your brand is. Now, you can show them with quirky visual contents and hook them to your business.

This interaction with your target audience on a regular basis not only helps you with branding but also build trust. Once you have secured enough trust, the customers follow you and commit to your business leading to brand loyalty.

Brand image is crucial for your success. Without an app, you will be left out in world full competitors and discarded sooner or later. This could cost you a great deal of future prospects for your business.


5. Augments Your Web Traffic

App store optimization is both an artistic and scientific approach. Android’s Google Play and Apple’s App Store receives millions of clicks per day. When you have your app properly optimized – Many users download it, who are subsequently redirected to your host website. You can achieve this optimization only with the right keywords at the right frequency. With it, one can gain more visibility and exposure for their business. Meanwhile, mind that creating Web Traffic requires a lot of commitment and maintenance.

6. Open Avenues for better Customer Engagement

According to a recent study, an average person spends 10 hours of screen time on their smartphones. Evidently, mobile user engagement is way higher than its website engagement. Moreover, users demand a faster and easier access to your product and services that is readily available on a mobile app. The key is to strategically design an app that will attract users and convince them to download your business app.

An instant text or messaging feature within an app lets your user communicate with you effortlessly.


7. Empowers you to fetch more Value to your Customers

We know that humans thrive on reward systems. So how about creating loyalty program within your app? And Make your loyal customers receive rewards via your app?

Reciprocation is the magic word here! The targeted audience opens up to your business when they see you offer a product. The digitalization of the entire process makes them wanting more and come back to your business. The best point is that don’t have to wait for the reward points to arrive at their linked email. Instead, they have it right in their app after a purchase. This will keep them hooked for future purchases.

8. Forms a better Platform to Showcase your Products

Mobile apps help you showcase your products and services, efficiently. You can use them to feature your latest products and announce your latest sales and discounts. This will allow users to instantly access your business and thereby increasing the engagement levels and action form their side. But keep in mind to maintain and update app features regularly for efficient and smooth performance.

9. Helps you Reach New Potential Customers

The Millennials love spending their time on the phone. It’s very profitable for businesses to exploit their behavior to get its offers up and running. Moreover, an app also associates with word-of-mouth marketing that is one of the most important outcomes of the mobile era. Because close friends’ recommendations influence the purchasing decisions.
Therefore, not only the new generation downloads the app, but it’s also shared amongst their peer group.


10. Allows you to be Right There where Your Customers Are

The best part of a comprehensive mobile app is that it lets your business become location independent. It allows your audience, employees and business, stay connected throughout the world, also when in different time zone too.

No doubt, this attracts customers. But, this has also caused an increase in the demand for businesses to operate from remote, too. This even includes controlling the business miles away and delivering the products to distant locations.

11. Features Push Notifications & In-App Messages – Smart ways to Notify your Customers

A lucrative way of marketing is providing your customers, the right information at the right time. Mobile apps do this right, using their capabilities like Push Notifications and In-app Messages. These notifications help to broadcast appropriate, personalized, visible and relevant info.
However, keep in mind that if the notifications are vague or non-personalized, users might uninstall and unsubscribe the application. You don’t want to lose your customer base. Don’t you?

12. Enables you to Rightly Customize your Marketing Campaign with Location Tracking

You may have arrived at a product or service that could reach globally, regardless of race, language, etc. But, at the same time, a static marketing campaign might not work for all the markets invariably. Keeping this mind, companies have the habit of modifying and tweaking their campaigns, according to specific markets.

Mobile apps extensively facilitate this fashion, with their location tracking functionalities. So, you know users’ whereabouts to supply them the right kind of marketing method, to achieve success.

13. Leverages the Power of Social Media

We all know the power of social media today. One can tap into the right audience base, aggregate new prospects, comprehensively publicize their products/services, and so on. Owning to it, one of the best things about mobile apps is its capability to sync with social networking sites. They allow leveraging the power of social media utmost, resulting in prudent success for your business.

14. Acts as a Direct Marketing Channel

Mobile apps are capable organizing and encapsulating pretty much everything you want to broadcast about your business. You can disseminate everything, like the general info, product catalog, their prices, search options, order forms, etc. through them. Thus, they are a standalone marketing tool, by itself.

15. Elevates User Experience

This is one of the key benefits you can enjoy, on having your own mobile app for your business. Yes, you can emanate a personalized and clutter-free user experience, for all your existing and potential customers. Unlike websites, apps render clear and systematic actions, guiding the users to take their desired actions.

Therefore, they can seamlessly navigate between the pages, compare products, and proceed to payment options. And, customers are exactly looking for such an experience. Thus, it eventually results in more positive reviews and better conversion rates.

16. Ensures an Active Business Presence for You

In today’s time, people want a swift and instant solution for all their hunt for products or service, online. Mobile apps do this exactly, as they can specifically serve all their intentions. Moreover, the ability to notify customers about your desirable sale and discounts manages to pull the crowd towards you, whenever you’re all set for it. Ranging from searching for their desired product to ordering and buying them – Mobile apps invariably helps your users for any of it. Therefore, with them, you make strong and active business presence among your prospects.

17. Easier to Update

Comparatively, most of the mobile apps feature an easy-to-maneuver, built-in CMS than websites. So, you easily make changes to your app, such as editing, adding/removing products, etc. Moreover, you don’t have to be a techie to do it on your own. Whereas, in the case of websites, you need to intervene the back end, every time you want to update something. Hence, mobile apps definitely offer the privilege of updating fast and easily.

18. Establishes Seamless Purchase Processes

Usually, people tend to rush to buy, after they’ve selected the right product to buy, from your inventory. Even the minuscule hindrance at the buying phase can drastically affect whether or not a prospect makes the purchase. Mobile apps play a significant role when it comes to the purchase process. With it, you can put forward a streamlined set of action, along with an integrated payment method on the checkout aspects. Eventually, apps assure a conversion, with it.

19. Improves Sales & Revenue

Mobile app revenue has reached more than thirty billion last year. Since customers prefer shopping on an app rather than a website, building a fancy app is crucial!

The customer satisfaction is proportional to the sales. So catchy apps will directly help to generate increased revenues when users love using the app. Recent reports say that approximately 35% of the Black Friday sales last year were from mobile devices. That is a 16 % increase compared to previous year statistics.

But, make sure you have a decent website to avoid building a secondary mobile site to manage. A well-knit website and an App will enhance customer experience and boost sales.

20. Pursues Customer Loyalty

Lastly, the objective of building an app is to gain customer loyalty.

With the entire “advertising” buzz around us in the form of social media ads, banners, newspapers, websites and email marketing. It is important for the businesses to lock their customers down by providing them with the sincere and true connection. This will build trust, make them loyal to your products, and promote brand loyalty by just being a fingertip away at all times.


Thus, we’ve listed out the top 20 reasons for a business to feature a mobile app. Mobile apps aren’t just meant for connecting with your customers alone, anymore. As mentioned, they are absolutely capable of carrying out all kinds of operations, which makes it a norm.

Therefore, with all these said, the mobile apps are definitely an inevitable component to any business today. Have you opted to build an app for your business yet? If no, then you should probably do it rather sooner than later, to stay on competitive. Because staying on top of things is all it takes, to be successful in your domain today.


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